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Glynis Johns (1923 - 2023)

Husky-voiced Glynis Johns spent twenty years in British cinema before heading to Hollywood. Even so, we lost her too soon.

She was born in South Africa to actor Mervyn Johns and pianist Alys Maude Steele-Payne. With such a talented family it was natural that she would enter the business early. She was appearing in the West End by the mid-30s and started in films with the plum role of Midge in South Riding. This big hit established her as an up-and-coming starlet with credible acting skills. 

She grew up on screen over the next few years, but it took Miranda to make her a star. Her gift for comedy and her sexy innocence made this tale of a mermaid falling for a mortal irresistible. She appeared opposite Dirk Bogarde in Dear Mr Prohack the following year and soon her first husband Anthony Forwood left her to be Bogarde's 'manager'.

The 50s were a busy period for her professionally. She met husband number two when she went to Broadway in 1952. After that it was only a matter of time before she moved across the Atlantic permanently. Before then she divided her time between the two countries. Once she made the move her career seemed to stall with some TV guest-starring roles, a short-lived sitcom, and a few disappointing films. The one memorable film was Mary Poppins in which she played the mother.

The highlight of her stage career came in 1972 with A Little Night Music. Playing an aging actress, she got to sing Send in the Clowns and nabbed herself a Tony award.

Publicity shot of Glynis JohnsGlynis Johns in Personal Affairs


1938 South Riding
1938 Murder in the Family
1938 Prison Without Bars
1939 On the Night of the Fire
1940 Under Your Hat
1940 The Briggs Family
1941 The Prime Minister
1941 The 49th Parallel
1943 Sabotage Agent
1944 The Halfway House
1945 Perfect Strangers
1946 This Man is Mine
1947 Frieda
1947 An Ideal Husband
1948 Third Time Lucky
1948 Miranda
1949 Helter Skelter
1949 Dear Mr Prohack
1950 The Blue Lamp
1950 Secret Service
1951 Flesh & Blood
1951 No Highway
1951 The Magic Box
1951 Appointment with Venus
1951 Encore
1952 The Card
1953 The Sword and the Rose
1953 Rob Roy
1953 Personal Affairs
1954 The Weak and the Wicked
1954 The Seekers
1954 The Beachcomber
1954 Mad About Men
1955 Josephine and Men
1955 The Court Jester (US)
1956 Loser Takes All
1956 Around the World in Eighty Days
1957 All Mine to Give (US)
1958 Another Time, Another Place
1959 Last of the Few
1959 Shake Hands with the Devil
1960 The Spider's Web
1960 The Sundowners (US)
1962 The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (US)
1962 The Chapman Report (US)
1963 Papa's Delicate Condition (US)
1964 Mary Poppins (US)
1965 Dear Brigitte (US)
1968 Don't Just Stand There (US)
1969 Lock Up Your Daughters
1972 Under Milk Wood
1973 The Vault of Horror
1974 The Happy Prince (US)
1988 Zelly and Me (US)
1993 Nukie (US)
1994 The Ref (US)
1995 While You Were Sleeping (US)
1999 Superstar (US)

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