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The Singer Not the Song (1960)

Dirk Bogarde is the leather-clad Mexican bandit with the hots for priest John Mills. Mad casting and wild subject matter can't quite atone for a dreary script.

Dirk Bogarde dressed up for The Singer Not the Song

3.20 pm Spike Thur 12 July

Carry On Regardless (1960)

The Helping Hands agency is run by Sid James. The agency will do anything for anyone. So Williams gets to walk the chimp and Hawtrey gets to enter the boxing ring. This is the most bitty of all the Carry Ons with no attempt at a plot. Still, if you don't like one sequence, there's always another along in a minute. It only falls apart at the end with a slapstick house decorating/wrecking scene.

5.00 pm Film4 Sat 14 July, 4.55 pm Film4 Thur 19 July

The Black Knight (1954)

Alan Ladd is the chap sent undercover as the Black Knight in order to unmask Peter Cushing as the head of a gang of raiders. It sounds like the plot of a B-Western and the script is in that league but there are plenty of cheap laughs to be had if you're in the mood. Patricia Medina is the perfect fifties maiden: over-made-up, jumping to the wrong conclusions and fainting all over the place. Best of all is Ladd's hairpiece - an uncomfortable-looking quiff in an unnatural shade of blonde.

5.00 pm Film4 Tues 17 July

Pimpernell Smith (1941)

Leslie Howard (director, producer and star) updates The Scarlet Pimpernel for this tale of refugees fleeing from the Nazis. He's the absent-minded professor who's really running the escape operation. Entertaining with memorable moments particularly the climax in a foggy railway station.

12.50 pm Film4 Thur 19 July


Pink String and Sealing Wax (1945)

Mervyn Johns is the Victorian chemist. Googie Withers is the brassy barmaid whose husband dies of strychnine poisoning. Director Robert Hamer was always more comfortable with a costume drama than modern life and this is one of his best.

Poster for Pink String and Sealing Wax

18.20 NFT2 Fri 20 July