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Blue Murder at St Trinians (1957)

The second of the St Trinian's series and sadly only a cameo role for Alastair Sim. This is the one where the girls go on a European tour and get involved with jewel smuggler Lionel Jeffries. It's still fun, particularly when Joyce Grenfell is on screen.

8.10 am ITV3 Sat 14 Oct

Carry On Cleo (1964)

With a bunch of sets and props lying around from Cleopatra, it was natural that the budget-conscious producers of the series would want to use them. It's a smashing spoof which contains the classic "Infamy, infamy . . ." possibly the most quoted line in British cinema. Amanda Barrie gives the screen's definitive Cleopatra and if Sid James isn't quite how Marc Antony would have been, that's tough on Marc Antony.

2.50 pm Film4 Sun 15 Oct, 4.45 pm Film4 Thur 19 Oct

Hell Below Zero (1954)

Alan Ladd joins the crew of an icebreaker to investigate a death. Lots of action once it gets going in this Hammond Innes adaptation.

Still from Hell Below Zero

11.00 am Film4 Tues 17 Oct



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