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Front Line Kids (1942)

After getting into trouble a gang of kids are split up - most are evacuated to the countryside while the ringleaders get jobs in a hotel. A hotel which is the headquarters of a gang of jewel thieves.

Simple comedy only really notable for being one of the first films to play into the national anxiety about war time kids getting out of control.

6.00 am Talking Pictures TV Thur 18 July

Caesar and Cleopatra (1945)

In its day the most expensive British film ever made, it was also the biggest flop. Shaw's drama is talky at the best of times, but this production makes it seem endless. The set design is impressive but can't compensate for the static posing of the cast.

Vivian Leigh as Cleopatra

6.30 pm Talking Pictures TV Sat 20 July, 2.35 pm Talking Pictures TV Wed 24 July

Kipps (1941)

A draper's assistant comes into money and launches himself on society.

Enjoyable version of the H.G. Wells tale, which majors on period nostalgia.

6.45 pm Talking Pictures TV Tues 23 July

The Smallest Show on Earth (1957)

Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers are the nice young couple who inherit a flea-pit cinema and try to turn it into a going concern. They are assisted, or hindered, by their aging staff Peter Sellers, Margaret Rutherford and Bernard Miles. With such a charming cast no wonder this is so fondly remembered.

2.30 pm Talking Pictures TV Thur 25 July

A Fire has Been Arranged (1935)

Flanagan and Allen are the crooks who come out of prison to find their loot stash is under a new department store. Fun comedy with Robb Wilton stealing every scene he's in.

6.00 am Talking Pictures TV Fri 26 July



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