What's on this week or so


A Place of One's Own (1944)

When they move into a large country house, an elderly couple's young companion starts to see visions. Is it connected with a murder 40 years earlier?

Interesting ghost story ruined by miscasting. See here for fuller review. 

6.00 am Talking Pictures TV Wed 14

Broken Journey (1948)

A plane crashes in the snowy Alps. Can the passengers survive?

Proto-disaster movie has some fun spot-the-new-cliché moments. See here for fuller review.

9.20 am Talking Pictures TV Thur 15 Nov

Waterfront (1950)

A family copes with a violent drunk of a father.

Grim melodrama that fails to convince despite an all-star cast.

4.40 pm Talking Pictures TV Fri 16 Nov

Fire Maidens from Outer Space (1956)

Astronauts land on a moon of Jupiter. They find a place almost exclusively populated by glamorous women - refugees from Atlantis.

This is the stuff that legends are made of - as bad a film as a film can get. With its carefree attitude to science and medieval attitude to gender politics it's everything a bad-film buff could ask for. Plus it has one of cinema's least frightening monsters, and one of those blissfully unerotic dance sequences where nicely brought up English gals try to whip themselves up into a sexual frenzy worshiping some old God or other. A laugh a minute.

6.00 am Talking Pictures TV Mon 19 Nov

The Ladykillers (1955)

Classic Ealing comedy, but am I the only one who thinks it over-rated? Little old lady accidentally outwits a gang of thugs and ends up with the loot. Katie Johnson is the old lady and Alec Guinness (overplaying) is the leader of the gang. 

Poster for The Ladykillers

2.50 am C4 Tues 20 Nov


Gert and Daisy's Weekend (1941)

Thanks to a mix-up at the Town Hall, a couple of East End ladies end up volunteering to escort evacuees to the country.

Star vehicle for Elsie and Doris Waters which raises a few smiles.

18.20 NFT3 Fri 15 Nov