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Ice Cold in Alex (1958)

Small group of Brits get separated from the army during the desert campaign and have to make their way through the desert to Alexandria. In their midst is Anthony Quayle who claims to be South African but might be working for the Germans. Leading the group is John Mills, fighting to keep off the bottle and giving one of his best performances. Classic war film that ages well.

Poster for Ice Cold in Alex

3.40 pm Film4 Wed 3 May


The Foreman Went to France (1942)

1940: the fall of France. A group of people try to stop a vital piece of machinery falling into German hands. This is a cracking comedy-drama which gave Tommy Trinder his best role in pictures.

18.20 NFT2 Fri 28 April

Two Thousand Women (1944)

Life in an internment camp for women in France gets more interesting when three airmen accidentally parachute into the grounds.

Enormously enjoyable nonsense. See here for fuller review.

18.20 NFT2 Sat 29 April

The Demi-Paradise (1943)

A Russian inventor visits England before and during the war, and notices the changes. Another curious war-time movie that gently sends up the values we were fighting for.

15.10 NFT2 Sun 30 April

Piccadilly Incident (1946)

The incident is an air-raid which brings two people together. However, the war that brought them together also tears them apart.

The film that first teamed Anna Neagle with Michael Wilding was a huge smash hit.

17.40 NFT2 Sun 30 April

Perfect Strangers (1945)

Boring couple Kerr and Donat join the services, but the adventurous life changes them and they dread the post-war reunion.

One of the few Korda films to deal with a modern social issue, Perfect Strangers deals with the changes the war had made to people's lives. Great acting and lovely production values made this a popular and critical hit.

20.10 NFT2 Sun 30 April

Yellow Canary (1943)

Under-rated spy story. Anna Neagle is the posh German-sympathiser forced to go to Canada for her own safety. Really she's working undercover to expose a plot to blow up Halifax harbour. Of course we knew it all along, but Miss Neagle does a grand job of half-convincing us that maybe she is a Nazi. In British films of the period it is usually the posh person who turns out to be the Quisling, but this is about the only film to examine the sympathy the upper-classes had for Hitler. It's also a cracking thriller and very atmospheric in its recreation of wartime conditions.

Still from The Yellow Canary 

15.20 NFT2 Mon 1 May, 18.20 NFT2 Thur 4 May

English Without Tears (1944)

Margaret Rutherford shamelessly steals every scene as the bird fancier whose niece Penelope Ward is romancing her butler Michael Wilding. Another of those WWII films about the little things in life still mattering during the war. 

18.00 NFT3 Mon 1 May

One of our Aircraft is Missing (1942)

Powell and Pressburger's tale of a bomber crew forced to bale out over occupied Holland. It gets a bit preachy as it wears on but it's fairly effective propaganda and worth comparing to the duo's latter 49th Parallel and its tale of Germans trying to cross Canada.

Poster for One of Our Aircraft is Missing

20.30 NFT3 Wed 3 May