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The Way to the Stars (1945)

The life and times of bomber pilots through the war.

One of the all-time great films, this was voted best film of the war by Daily Mail readers in 1945. It's certainly gives the picture of the war the way people want to remember it.

Anthony Asquith on the set of The Way to the Stars

 11.00 am Film4 Thur 9 Sept

Tiger Bay (1959)

Killer goes on the run with the only witness to his crime - a 12-year-old girl.

Hayley Mills' debut made her a star, and didn't hurt Horst Buchholz' career either.

Still from Tiger Bay

 11.00 am Film4 Fri 10 Sept

Waterloo Road (1944)

What's a lad to do when he comes back on leave to find his wife under the spell of the local spiv? Beat up the blighter!

One of the most fondly remembered films of the war seems a little cosy now, but it does examine the Home Front realities of the war at a time when you'd imagine most folk would prefer to ignore them.

1.10 pm Film4 Fri 10 Sept, 11.00 am Film4 Wed 15 Sept

The Colditz Story (1954)

The story of the escape from the "impregnable" POW camp was a natural for the cinema. John Mills and Eric Portman head the cast in a fine, though now slightly clichéd, movie.

2.45 pm Film4 Fri 10 Sept, 1.05 pm Film4 Thur 16 Sept

Carry On Jack  (1963)

The Carry Ons' first historical is a tale of seafaring folk. Too few regulars and the presence of a proper plot means this doesn't feel like a Carry On, but it's an enjoyable film.

8.50 am ITV3 Sat 11 Sept

Carry On Cabby (1963)

Feminism arrives in the Carry On world as Sid James refuses to employ female cab drivers and his wife Hattie Jacques starts up a rival company using only dolly birds (and Esma Cannon!). It feels more like an Ealing Comedy than a Carry On but has glorious moments and lines (especially "What! With tweeds!" from Michael Ward)

11.00 pm Film4 Sun 12 Sept

The Naked Truth (1957)

Dennis Price is the muck-raking journalist and blackmailer whose victims (Peter Sellers, Terry-Thomas, Peggy Mount and Shirley Eaton) each decide to bump him off. With that cast, how can it fail to be fun.

3.00 pm Film4 Tues 14 Sept

Carry On Teacher (1959)

Number three and the most sentimental of the series. Ted Ray is the headmaster of a rough school who is up for promotion to a posh place. The pupils like him so much they decide to play havoc when the school inspectors visit in order to scupper his plans. It's a nice film and we don't see enough of Ted Ray any more since his best work was on TV, but it's not really a Carry On despite the presence of Connor, Hawtrey, Sims, Williams and Jacques.

4.30 pm Film4 Wed 15 Sept


The Third Man (1949)

A bona fide classic for lovers of the zither, and the rest of us can enjoy it too.

Photo of Trevor Howard from The Third ManPoster for The Third Man

 2.30 pm NFT1 Fri 10 Sept