What's on this week or so


The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (1947)

Adequate version of the Dickens classic. Title role: Derek Bond. Miss Nickleby: Sally Ann Howes. Ralph Nickleby: Cedric Hardwicke. Wackford Squeers: Alfred Drayton. Yes, I am just listing the cast in lieu of something to say but that's how you judge most Dickens adaptations.

Athene Seyler in costume for Nicholas NicklebyPoster for Nicholas Nickleby

11.50 am 5 Select Sun 16 May

Animal Farm (1954)

Halas and Batchelor do Orwell with Maurice Denham supplying all the animal voices. If they'd hoped to rival Disney then they should have chosen a cheerier subject - even with a softened ending it's still a bit grim for kiddies. It's also aged worse than Disney; although as time goes by, and it looks more and more of a period piece, that's becoming an advantage.

1.10 pm Film4 Sun 16 May, 11.00 am Film4 Wed 19 May

The Black Tent (1956)

Anthony Steele fathers a son in Libya during the North Africa campaign, but is killed. Brother Donald Sinden tries to find the boy and take him back to Britain.

12.55 pm Film4 Tues 18 May

Two Thousand Women (1944)

Women stuck in an internment camp in France have to hide some airmen from the Germans.

Fun flag-waver.

2.45 pm Film4 Tues 19 May

Carry On Constable (1960)

Number four and Sid arrives and instantly takes charge. He's a police sergeant whose entire station is down with flu. So he has to take on some trainees: Connor, Hawtrey, Williams and Leslie Phillips. Cue mayhem.

4.55 pm Film4 Fri 21 May


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