What's on this week or so


Trottie True (1949)

Technicolor Victoriana in which Jean Kent works her way up from chorus girl to duchess. It's a lively romp, but lacks the spark of greatness.

11.05 pm Talking Pictures TV Thu 5 Aug

One of Our Aircraft is Missing (1942)

Powell and Pressburger's tale of a bomber crew forced to bale out over occupied Holland. It gets a bit preachy as it wears on but it's fairly effective propaganda and worth comparing to the duo's latter 49th Parallel and its tale of Germans trying to cross Canada.

Poster for One of Our Aircraft is Missing

6.00 pm Talking Pictures TV Fri 6 Aug

Against the Wind (1947)

A bunch of spies are parachuted into war-time Belgium in order to rescue a colleague. But one of them is a traitor. It's got a solid script by T.E.B. Clarke and a great cast which includes Simone Signoret, Jack Warner and Gordon Jackson but director Charles Crichton doesn't pull off a classic.

2.00 pm Talking Pictures TV Sun 8 Aug

Adventure in the Hopfields (1954)

After breaking her mother's beloved china dog, a young girl sneaks away with the neighbour's annual trip to the Kent hopfields in order to earn some money to replace it.

One of the CFF's best productions. The story's simple but the nostalgic look at a way of life that was already passing is invaluable. 

4.50 pm Talking Pictures TV Mon 9 Aug

Up in the World (1956)

Norman Wisdom is the window cleaner who ends up as nanny to a rich problem kid. Fun for Wisdom fans but it won't convert the unbelievers.

9.00 pm Talking Pictures TV Tues 10 Aug

Ask a Policeman (1938)

Will Hay, Moore Marriott and Graham Moffat - need I say more? The plot is not too dissimilar to Oh Mr Porter (headless horseman instead of one-eyed miller, different sort of station) but this team can get away with anything. Because there's no crime in the village of Turnbotham Round, the chief constable wants to close down the village station. Our three policemen decide to create crime to solve and in the process uncover a smuggling racket.

7.55 am Talking Pictures TV Wed 11 Aug

A Canterbury Tale (1944)

A madman stalks wartime Kent pouring glue on the head of any girl who goes out at night.

Powell and Pressburger's examination of wartime morality baffled audiences when it first came out. Now it seems one of the most intriguing films to come out the war. It's certainly one of the few that expresses the ambiguity between needing American help (and the help of women) to fight Hitler and resenting that need. The meandering plot takes its own sweet time but delivers an emotional kick that's all the stronger for being so unexpected.

11.15 am Talking Pictures TV Thur 12 Aug

Laugh it Off (1940)

An entertainer is called up on the outbreak of war and makes himself useful organising a concert party.

As ever with John Baxter, the plot is just an excuse for for a roll-call of popular entertainers doing their stuff.

Poster for Laugh It Off

1.35 pm Talking Pictures TV Fri 13 Aug


The Blue Lagoon  (1948)

Two children marooned on a desert island grow up together and discover sex.

A massive box office hit in its day, it demonstrated Jean Simmons' star potential. Introduced by one of its stars, Susan Stranks. 

18.00 pm NFT1 Tues 10 Aug