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Andrew Ray (1939 - 2003)

The 50s was the heyday of British child actors. Mandy Miller, John Whiteley, Jeremy Spencer and others all had their moments in the sun. Andrew Ray also made his mark in this period, but he's one of the few to have gone on to a credible adult career.

Andrew Ray was the son of comedian Ted Ray. He got into films by accompanying his brother Robin to an audition for The Mudlark. Robin was judged too tall for the role, and Andrew got it instead. The Mudlark was a hit and Ray was a star. His next film, The Yellow Balloon, was his best and utilised his gift for portraying nervousness.

As the 50s wore on he settled into adolescence, portraying a series of well-brought-up young men with only the yob of Serious Charge to stretch his range. In the early 60s he went to Broadway for the production of A Taste of Honey but when he returned he struggled to re-establish his British career. In 1965 he attempted suicide. 

He soldiered on in the theatre and the sensitivity and nervousness he brought to the child roles proved useful in his adult roles. These culminated in 1972 with Crown Matrimonial, the play about the abdication in which he played the future George VI. This was later adapted for television and Ray also portrayed the future king in the lavish mini-series Edward and Mrs Simpson.

Andrew Ray in Gideon's Day


1950 The Mudlark
1953 The Yellow Balloon
1953 Escape By Night
1955 A Prize of Gold
1955 Escape
1958 Woman in a Dressing Gown
1958 Gideon's Day
1958 The Young and the Guilty
1959 Serious Charge
1962 Twice Around the Daffodils
1963 The Story of Private Pooley
1964 The System
1980 Rough Cut
1988 Paris By Night

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