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Dennis Price (1915 - 1973)

Dennistoun Franklyn John Rose-Price was born into a military family. From public school he went to Oxford where he got involved in the Drama Society. From there it was a short step to rep and the West End. War put a temporary halt to his acting career and he joined the Royal Artillery from which he was invalided out in 1942.

His film career began with A Canterbury Tale though he may have been an extra in No Parking before the war. In his first couple of roles he was sensitive, caring and a little dull; but it wasn't long before he found his casting niche as an elegant cad. The disaster that was The Bad Lord Byron put an end to any idea that he was matinee idol material.

His performance in Kind Hearts and Coronets is the one for which he'll be most remembered. His suave murderer, barely concealing his contempt for his victims behind a veneer of good manners, is one of the iconic figures in British cinema. Alec Guinness may have the multi-role gimmick, but it's Price who holds the film together. He never got a role this good again, but then who did?

After this highpoint, his career rattled along busily while his personal life took a battering. He divorced in 1950, made a suicide attempt in the mid-fifties and went bankrupt in the early sixties. His heavy drinking and homosexuality seem to be the cause of most of his personal problems.

He scored a big hit on TV playing Jeeves in The World of Wooster, while at the same time his film career declined into bit parts in horror films. He died of cirrhosis of the liver.

There are some who think Price's career was a bit of a disappointment, and maybe Price was among them. He described himself as "a second-rate feature actor. I am not a star and never was... I lack the essential spark". Certainly the last few years of his CV are a bit of an embarrassment, but he managed to continue working long after most of his contemporaries were forgotten. And how many second-rate feature actors are as memorable as Dennis Price?

Dennis Price in Holiday CampDennis Price in Holiday CampPressbook for The Bad Lord ByronPoster for Master of BankdamDennis Price on the cover of the Snowbound pressbookDennis Price in Fortune is a Woman


1937 No Parking
1943 A Canterbury Tale
1944 A Place of One's Own
1945 The Echo Murders
1946 Hungry Hill
1946 Caravan
1947 The White Unicorn
1947 The Magic Bow
1947 Dear Murderer
1947 Jassy
1947 Holiday Camp
1947 Master of Bankdam
1948 The Bad Lord Byron
1948 Easy Money
1948 Snowbound
1948 Good Time Girl
1949 Helter Skelter
1949 Kind Hearts and Coronets
1949 The Lost People
1950 The Dancing Years
1950 Murder Without Crime
1950 The Adventurers
1951 The Magic Box
1951 Lady Godiva Rides Again
1951 The House in the Square
1952 Song of Paris
1952 Tall Headlines
1953 Noose for a Lady
1953 Murder at 3 a.m.
1953 The Intruder
1954 Time is my Enemy
1954 For Better, For Worse
1955 That Lady
1955 Oh... Rosalinda!!
1955 Account Closed
1956 Private's Progress
1956 Charley Moon
1956 Port Afrique
1956 A Touch of the Sun
1957 Fortune is a Woman
1958 Hello London
1958 The Naked Truth
1959 I'm All Right, Jack
1959 Don't Panic Chaps
1959 Danger Within
1960 Oscar Wilde
1960 Piccadilly Third Stop
1960 Tunes of Glory
1960 The Millionairess
1960 The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's
1960 School for Scoundrels
1961 No Love for Johnny
1961 The Rebel
1961 Five Golden Hours
1961 Double Bunk
1961 Watch It Sailor!
1961 Victim
1961 What a Carve Up!
1962 Go to Blazes
1962 Play It Cool
1962 Behave Yourself
1962 The Pot Carriers
1962 The Amorous Prawn
1962 The Wrong Arm of the Law
1963 Kill or Cure
1963 The Cool Mikado
1963 The VIPs
1963 The Cracksman
1963 Doctor in Distress
1963 Tamahine
1963 The Comedy Man
1964 A Jolly Bad Fellow
1964 Wonderful Life
1964 The Horror of it All
1964 The Earth Dies Screaming
1965 The Eighth Witness
1965 Murder Most Foul
1965 The Curse of Simba
1965 A High Wind in Jamaica
1966 Ten Little Indians
1966 Just Like a Woman
1967 Rocket to the Moon
1969 The Haunted House of Horror
1970 Venus in Furs
1970 The Magic Christian
1970 The Horror of Frankenstein
1970 The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer
1970 Some Will - Some Won't
1971 Vampyos lesbos
1971 Twins of Evil
1972 Pulp
1972 The Horror of Snape Island
1972 Dracula Vs Frankenstein
1972 Les Experiences erotiques de Frankenstein
1972 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
1972 That's Your Funeral
1972 Go for a Take
1972 The Adventures of Barry McKenzie
1973 Theatre of Blood
1973 Horror Hospital
1974 Son of Dracula
1974 Quartier de Femmes

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