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Hay Petrie (1895 - 1948)

Hay Petrie's film career only lasted twenty years yet he managed to pack into it over eighty films. There have been a few character actors who have made more films, but probably none have managed to be in so many solid gold classics. 

He was born in Dundee and came to theatre through student drama at St Andrews. After war service with the Royal Scots he trained under Rosina Filippi and joined the Old Vic in 1920. He found his niche in Shakespearian comedy.

Talkies beckoned and he started his film career with Suspense, a thriller set in the trenches of WWI. He soon found his place in casting directors' thoughts as the inconsequential little man - a little prissy, a little sharp. Yet within those limits he managed to create a fine gallery of performances. He also managed a handful of more bravura performances such as Quilp in The Old Curiosity Shop and Dr Fosco in Crimes at the Dark House, Tod Slaughter's take in The Woman in White.


1930 Suspense
1930 Night Birds
1931 Many Waters
1932 The Lucky Number
1932 Help Yourself
1933 Song of the Plough
1933 Matinee Idol
1933 Daughters of Today
1933 The Private Life of Henry VIII
1933 The Wandering Jew
1933 Red Wagon
1933 Crime on the Hill
1934 Colonel Blood
1934 Blind Justice
1934 The Queen's Affair
1934 The Private Life of Don Juan
1934 Nell Gwyn
1934 The Old Curiosity Shop
1935 Peg of Old Drury
1935 I Give My Heart
1935 Koenigsmark
1935 Moscow Nights
1935 The Ghost Goes West
1936 Hearts of Humanity
1936 Men of Yesterday
1936 Invitation to the Waltz
1936 Rembrandt
1936 The House of the Spaniard
1936 Forget Me Not
1936 Treachery on the High Seas
1936 Conquest of the Air
1937 Secret Lives
1937 Knight Without Armour
1938 The Last Barricade
1938 A Spot of Bother
1938 Keep Smiling
1939 Q Planes
1939 The Spy in Black
1939 The Four Feathers
1939 Trunk Crime
1939 Jamaica Inn
1939 Inquest
1940 21 Days
1940 Crimes at the Dark House
1940 Spy for a Day
1940 Contraband
1940 Pastor Hall
1940 Ten Days in Paris
1940 Convoy
1940 The Thief of Bagdad
1941 Freedom Radio
1941 Quiet Wedding
1941 The Ghost of St Michael's
1941 Spellbound
1941 Turned Out Nice Again
1941 Cottage to Let
1941 Rush Hour
1942 This Was Paris
1942 One of Our Aircraft is Missing
1942 Hard Steel
1942 They Flew Alone
1942 Sabotage at Sea
1942 The Great Mr Handel
1943 They Met in the Dark
1943 Schweik's New Adventure
1943 Escape to Danger
1944 On Approval
1944 A Canterbury Tale
1945 Kiss the Bride Goodbye
1945 For You Alone
1945 Waltz Time
1945 Battle for Music
1945 The Voice Within
1945 Night Boat to Dublin
1946 Under New Management
1946 The Laughing Lady
1946 Great Expectations
1948 The Monkey's Paw
1948 The Red Shoes
1948 Noose
1948 The Fallen Idol
1948 The Dark Road
1948 The Guinea Pig
1949 The Queen of Spades

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