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Sir Seymour Hicks (1871 - 1949)

Seymour Hicks was born in St Helier, Jersey. His father was a major who expected his son to follow his footsteps into the army. Hicks passed his preliminary exams but abandoned the army for a life on the stage, causing his father to disown him.

He started at the Grand Theatre Islington at seventeen and from 1889 toured for two years with the Kendalls' company in Britain and the USA. In 1893 he produced Under the Clock which was the first revue staged in London. This established him as a musical comedy star. 1893 was also the year he married Ellaline Terriss.

By the turn of the century he was a major figure in theatre life. In 1901 he first played Scrooge, giving his generation's definitive performance in the role which he was later to film twice. By 1905 he and his wife were involved in the building of three new theatres including the Aldwych and the one now known as the Gielgud. These ventures proved to be unsuccessful and were a major cause of their bankruptcy in 1915.

In December 1914, his was the first concert party to entertain the troops at the front for which he was awarded Croix de Guerre. He received a second Croix de Guerre for similar service in the Second World War. The French also awarded him the Legion of Honour for his work in the 1920s in bringing the best of French theatre to London audiences with a series of successful adaptations. He was knighted in 1934.

Hicks' film work is variable. There is a definite whiff of ham about some of his more serious roles, but in light comedy he excels and usually shows the younger players how it should be done. His Scrooge, though now eclipsed by Alastair Sim's version, is impressive and certainly has claim to be the closest to Dickens' original.     

Sir Seymour Hicks in Sleeping PartnersSir Seymour Hicks in Pastor Hall     


1913 Old Scrooge
1913 David Garrick
1914 Always Tell Your Wife
1915 A Prehistoric Love Story
1923 Always Tell Your Wife
1927 Blighty
1930 Sleeping Partners
1930 Heard This One
1931 The Love Habit
1931 Glamour
1932 Money for Nothing
1934 The Secret of the Loch
1935 Regal Cavalcade
1935 Mr What's-is-Name
1935 Vintage Wine
1935 Scrooge
1936 Eliza Comes to Stay
1936 It's You I Want
1937 Change for a Sovereign
1939 The Lambeth Walk
1939 Young Man's Fancy
1940 Pastor Hall
1940 Haunted Honeymoon
1947 Fame is the Spur
1949 Silent Dust

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