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Jimmy Hanley (1918 - 1970)

For much of his career Jimmy Hanley represented the acceptable face of Youth. When he wasn't playing the ideal son, he was playing the ideal boy next door you'd want to marry your ideal daughter.

He was born in Norwich and trained at the Italia Conti stage school. His first professional engagement, at the age of 12, was in Peter Pan at the Palladium. He briefly joined a circus before making his film debut at the age of 16 in Red Wagon - a tale of circus life. A succession of roles followed in which he played the son, best friend or love interest of the leading player, with a bit of Will Hay-baiting in Boys Will be Boys for variety. 

His career was interrupted by the war. In 1942 he was wounded during a commando raid on Norway and invalided out of the army. Now an authentic war hero he came to represent all those young men in uniform away from home. The Way Ahead, in which he was in a group of conscripts working their way through training, was a big hit.

Towards the end of the war he married Dinah Sheridan who he first played opposite in Landslide. The marriage ended in 1953 and he married Margaret Avery in 1955.

During the 1950s he rapidly started to look middle-aged and the film work gradually dried up. However, he was welcomed on television both as an actor and presenter. He presented the quiz show Dotto and was the lead in the long-running ad-mag drama Jim's Inn.

He died of cancer but before he went there was still time for one last adventure when, as a contestant in a sea fishing competition in 1969, he was arrested by the Egyptian navy on suspicion of carrying Israeli commandos.

Jimmy Hanley in Murder in Reverse?Jimmy Hanley on the Poster for Master of BankdamJimmy Hanley in cast photo for The Huggetts AbroadJimmy Hanley on pressbook for The Huggetts AbroadJimmy Hanley in The Galloping MajorPublicity shot for Jimmy Hanley


1933 Red Wagon
1934 Wild Boy
1934 Those Were the Days
1934 Little Friend
1935 Royal Cavalcade
1935 Brown on Resolution
1935 Boys Will be Boys
1935 The Tunnel
1937 Landslide
1937 Night Ride
1937 Cotton Queen
1938 Housemaster
1938 Coming of Age
1939 There Ain't No Justice
1940 Gaslight
1942 Salute John Citizen
1943 The Gentle Sex
1943 The Way Ahead
1944 Henry V
1945 Kiss the Bride Goodbye
1945 For You Alone
1945 29 Acacia Avenue
1945 Murder in Reverse?
1946 The Captive Heart
1947 Holiday Camp
1947 Master of Bankdam
1947 It Always Rains on Sunday
1948 It's Hard to be Good
1948 Here Comes the Huggetts
1949 The Huggetts Abroad
1949 Don't Ever Leave Me
1949 The Boys in Brown
1950 The Blue Lamp
1950 Room to Let
1951 The Galloping Major
1954 The Radio Cab Murder
1954 The Black Rider
1955 The Deep Blue Sea
1956 Satellite in the Sky
1968 The Lost Continent

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