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Sally Gray (1916 - 2006)

Sally Gray never achieved the same level of recognition as her contemporaries (Lockwood, Calvert et al.) but her body of work is impressive.

Constance Vera Stevens was born in Holloway and attended the Fay Compton stage school. She started on the stage early and her first film appearance was in 1930 (billed as Constance Stevens). She made her name as ingénue in West End musicals which inevitably lead to bit parts in quota quickies. Her stage career developed through an association with popular comedian Stanley Lupino, and her early successes in cinema were in Lupino vehicles such as The Lambeth Walk.

She went dramatic for the smash-hit Dangerous Moonlight as the wife who resents her husband's decision to enlist in the air force. This made her a big star, but its success, and the death of mentor Lupino, contributed to her nervous breakdown which kept her off-screen for a few years.

She returned to the screen with Green for Danger and continued with a series of dour melodramas that now seem to catch the mood of the era better than those of her contemporaries. Her last film was Escape Route with Yank-import George Raft.

She quit the business to become the third wife of the fourth Baron Oranmore and Browne. The marriage lasted until her husband's death in 2002 aged 100.  

Photo of Sally Gray

Filmography as actor

1930 School for Scandal
1935 Radio Pirates
1935 Cross Currents
1935 The Dictator
1935 Lucky Days
1935 Checkmate
1936 Cheer Up!
1936 Calling the Tune
1937 Saturday Night Review
1937 Cafe Colette
1938 Sword of Honour
1938 Over She Goes
1938 Mr Reeder in Room 13
1938 Lightening Conductor
1938 Hold My Hand
1939 The Saint in London
1940 The Lambeth Walk
1940 A Window in London
1940 Olympic Honeymoon
1941 The Saint's Vacation
1941 Dangerous Moonlight
1946 Green for Danger
1946 Carnival
1947 The Mark of Cain
1947 They Made Me a Fugitive
1948 Silent Dust
1949 Obsession
1952 Escape Route

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