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Leslie Fuller (1890 - 1948)

Leslie Fuller was one of British cinema's biggest draws in the 30s. Since then, he's virtually been forgotten by the general public and his films largely disappeared from view. However, the recent release of many of them on DVD has given us a chance to get to know him again and he's found a new audience.

Leslie Fuller was a Margate man - born, lived and died there. He began his stage life in concert parties but his rise to fame began when he met Syd Courtenay who became his collaborator and writer. Together they developed Fuller's "Bill" character and in virtually every one of his films Fuller played Bill. Bill was working class, amiable and well-meaning though too thick to be able to pull off most of his occasional attempts to be crafty. Fuller had the looks for comedy: a battered old rucksack of a face and a bulky, clumsy demeanor that looked unsafe for any china shop.

He signed for BIP at the start of the 30s and launched into a series of quickly-made vehicles which proved to be remarkably popular with his public. In 1935 he split from BIP and set up his own production company at Elstree. As fashions in comedy changed in the mid-30s, Fuller's film career faltered. The change in the quota requirements may also have had something to do with this decline. By the end of the decade he was taking featured roles in other people's films.  

He died of a brain hemorrhage.   


1930 Not So Quiet on the Western Front
1930 Why Sailors Leave Home
1931 Old Soldiers Never Die
1931 Poor Old Bill
1931 Bill's Legacy
1931 What a Night!
1932 Tonight's the Night: Pass It On
1932 The Last Coupon
1932 Old Spanish Customers
1932 Kiss Me Sergeant
1933 The Pride of the Forces
1933 Hawley's of High Street
1934 A Political Party
1934 The Outcast
1934 Doctor's Orders
1934 Lost in the Legion
1935 Captain Bill
1935 The Stoker
1935 Strictly Illegal
1936 One good Turn
1936 Boys Will Be Girls
1940 The Middle Watch
1941 My Wife's Family
1942 Front Line Kids
1945 What Do We Do Now?

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