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Eva Bartok (1929 - 1998)

In the 50s and 60s, Eva Bartok was more famous for her lifestyle than her acting. Five marriages, a glamorous wardrobe and a chocolate-coloured Rolls Royce made her irresistible to the tabloids.

She was born in Hungary, in 1929 she claimed, though like all the most glamorous actresses the exact date is fuzzy. He father was a journalist who was killed by a bomb. At 16 she married a Hungarian officer who she later alleged was a Nazi she only married to escape being sent to a camp. With the war and the marriage out of the way, she became an actess in Budapest. As the Iron Curtain came down over Europe she secured her exit by marriage to American producer Alexander Paal. The marriage only lasted two years, but that was long enough for her to feature in her first British film The Tale of Five Cities.

Her next film was her biggest. The Crimson Pirate was one of the first of Hollywood's European ventures and starred Burt Lancaster. Now she was a bona fide film star and celebrity. Husband number three was a film publicist and number four the actor Curt Jurgens. Neither lasted long. There was huge speculation in the press about her pregnancy during the Jurgens marriage as to whether it was his or the Marquess of Milford Haven's with whom she conducted a very public affair. Years later she claimed her daughter's actual father was Frank Sinatra.

In the 60s, partly as a result of her difficult pregnancy, she got into finding herself spiritually and abandoned her career. She then slipped into obscurity, occasionally surfacing to run an art gallery or join the Greenham Common protestors. She died penniless and homeless.

Her life obscured her acting achievements. She appeared in some terrible films, but she was never terrible in them. Despite her wild reputation she had a name in the industry for being hard-working and professional, and that professionalism shows in her performances. Given the chance, she could produce an intensity few of her contemporaries could match.     

Still from Operation Amsterdam


1947 Mezel profeta
1951 A Tale of Five Cities
1952 The Crimson Pirate
1952 The Venetian Bird
1953 Spaceways
1953 The Last Waltz
1953 Park Plaza 605
1954 Front Page Story
1954 Meines Vaters Pferde
1954 Circus of Love
1954 Victoria and Her Husar
1954 Orient Express
1955 Break in the Circle
1955 Special Delivery
1955 Her Crime Was Love
1956 The Gamma People
1956 Ohne dich wird es Nacht
1956 Durch die Walder durch die Auen
1957 Ten Thousand Bedrooms
1958 The Doctor of Stalingrad
1958 Naked in the Night
1959 Operation Amsterdam
1959 Twelve Hours by the Clock
1959 SOS Pacific
1960 Ein Student ging vorbel
1960 Beyond the Curtain
1960 I'll See You in Hell
1961 Blind Justice
1961 Es Muss Nicht Immer Kaviar Sein
1962 Marriage Bureau Aurora
1963 Avventure al Motel
1963 Ferien Wie Noch Nie
1964 Blood and Black Lace
1966 Sabina

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