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General Interest

The Internet Movie Database
 A good place to start.
Renown Pictures 
A great selection of British B movies
Movie Mail
DVDs include hard-to-get Crown Film Unit and GPO documentaries.
Lost Films
See if you can help in the missing films search


George Arliss
The Arliss Archives - a remarkable collection of facts and memorabilia
Madeleine Carroll
The English Rose
Petula Clark
From child star to pop star
Hazel Court
Hammer darling
Noel Coward
The Official Society of The Master
Walter Percy Day
Special effects artist on many classic films
Robert Donat
Say Hello to Mr Chips
Diana Dors
The Blonde Bombshell
The George Formby Society
Why not join - ukuleles optional.
Joyce Grenfell
One of the most loved figures in British showbiz
Alec Guinness
The man of many faces
Will Hay
Nice site - with details of his astronomy achievements too.
Will Hay
The Next Train's Gone - another Hay site
Melvyn Hayes
The child actor has his very own web site - and you can buy signed photos
Very highbrow discussion on the Master and his works.
Jack Hulbert and Cicely Courtneidge
1st couple of comedy
James Robertson Justice
If you want to know the bleeding time, this could be the place to go
Deborah Kerr
Hollywood's gain - our loss
Elsa Lanchester
The Bride of Frankenstein (and Henry VIII, and Rembrandt)
Charles Laughton
Never gave a dull performance
David Lean
Britain's other great director
Vivien Leigh
Scarlett and more
Jessie Matthews
The Dancing Divinity
Max Miller
The Cheeky Chappie has his own society and his own web site
Laurence Olivier
The Great God of British Acting
Donald Pleasence
More than just a Horror Great
Powell and Pressburger
All you need to know about The Archers
Anne Shelton
Herbert Smith
Fascinating glimpse at the career of the producer by his son
Conrad Veidt
The Conrad Veidt Society
Michael Ward
"What - with tweeds!"

Series & films

Carry On
"Oo-oo, Ooh!"
Great telly, great films.
Trace the route of the race and find the original locations.
The Titfield Thunderbolt
If you like trains...
British Transport films
Aims to catalogue all the films made by the documentary unit.
It's a Hot 'un
Dedicated to Mancunian Studios

British Film Sites

Still a bit snobby about British films but getting better - now with a much improved site.
BFI's new educational site. Sadly only schools and libraries can view video material, but there's plenty for the rest of us.
Brit Movies
Better looking than this site by miles!
Wicked Lady
Films and stars from 1930 - 1950.
Silver Sirens
Two for the price of one - Joan Greenwood and Margaret Lockwood
Gaumont British
Site dedicated to the film company.
British Cinema Greats
General site with lots of info.

Odds and Ends

Joseph Locke
Popular Irish singer. The site has information on Mancunian Films and Frank Randle
Publishers with special interest in British film and television
Vintage Frame
About old records and those who made them - large section on film appearances
Lynn's Classic Actors Page
Includes Laurence Harvey, James Mason, Ray Milland and Laurence Olivier
Mailing list for Powell and Pressburger and other Archer team members
Susan Shaw
Yahoo group for the British beauty
The Nine Five Page
Dedicated to the 9.5 mm film gauge. Has information on Hazel Ascot, Britain's answer to Shirley Temple.
Sixties Pop
Dedicated to the days when Britain was Swinging.
Advertising Hitchcock
Aims to show publicity material for all Alfred's films
Missing Link
Horror film site with good British coverage
Greenwich cinema
Fascinating pics of 50s cinema advertising
Reel Streets
A guide to British film locations
Movie Mapper
More film locations
Elstree Calling
Dedicated to the famous studio
Fecken Odeon
What every village should have
Southall Film Studios
Dedicated to unearthing the history of one of our unsung studios