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Sir Cedric HardwickeSir Cedric Hardwicke

No. 18

Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Garrick (in the part of Shylock) in "Peg of Old Drury"

Ever since he surprised London with his performance as the old labourer in The Farmer's Wife, Cedric Hardwicke has ranked as one of our chief masters of disguise. He has the faculty, rare in an actor of such distinctive personality, of being able to "disappear" into his make-up. This stood him in good stead when he played Garrick for British and dominions, for Garrick had the same faculty. For instance, in this make-up as Shylock (a part, by the way, which Garrick in real life never played), Sir Cedric seems to have vanished, leaving no singe trace behind.