Stars of British Films

Elizabeth Allen

No. 48

Elizabeth Allen

Born London; age 24. Began as script girl in Film scenario department. Has also appeared on stage. British talking pictures, "Chin, Chin, Chinaman," "The Chinese Puzzle," "Michael and Mary." Hobbies: swimming, riding and motoring. She is married.


Elizabeth Allan (1908 - 1990). At this point in her career she wasn't famous enough for them to spell her name correctly. Like a lot of other pretty young things she was soon off to Hollywood. Her best role there was as David Copperfield's mother in the classic film. A contract dispute with MGM finished her Hollywood career and she was back here by the start of the war. Regular appearances on TV panel games extended her career and her last film was Grip of the Strangler.

(See a picture of her from the 50s)