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Humphrey Jennings by Kevin Jackson

Humphrey Jennings was one of the giants of documentary filmmaking. This biography looks at why and explores his other talents.

Kevin Jackson takes Jennings' story from his beginnings in Suffolk to his untimely end on Poros. As well as film-making, Jennings' career also took in painting, set designing and writing, and these aspects of his work are given more prominence than in other books about him. Jackson is of the opinion that Jennings' greatest work is not one of his films, but his editorial work on Pandemonium an anthology of contemporary accounts of the Industrial Revolution. This may be true, but it doesn't mean that Jennings' film work is neglected.

If you're interested in Jennings and his work then this book is well worth a read.  

Humphrey Jennings Pub: Picador

ISBN: 0 330 35438 8

Price: 30.00 (UK)

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