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Terence Fisher by Peter Hutchings

Manchester University Press' excellent British Film Makers series continues with a look at the King of Horror, Terence Fisher

Fisher's Hammer films have been analysed in many books and journals, but Hutchings' survey takes in all of Fisher's films. Hutchins gets a bit bogged down with the question of whether Fisher was a hack or an auteur, but so do others. Where he's good, is in describing those moments in Fisher's work where he approaches greatness.

Because much of Fisher's early work is obscure, it's hard to judge how well Hutchings captures its essence. But it seems to be a solid job and a book well worth getting if you're a fan of Fisher's works.

Terence Fisher

Pub: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0 7190 5637 3

Price: 12.99 $24.95

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